C’mon Mass Media, Say It: ISLAMIC TERROR

Here we go again, another Islamic terror attack, this one on United States soil in lower Manhattan. This attack was not perpetrated by a “lone wolf” acting because he didn’t get a good job or couldn’t pay his bills. It was done by a Muslim who was determined to kill as many infidels as he could, in the name of Islam.

It’s really very simple. Islam is at war with the Western world, with the ultimate goal of taking over the entire world. They are succeeding very well in Europe, where the native birthrate is practically zero, and the millions of Muslims welcomed into Europe over the past few decades are young, fecund, angry and anti-assimilationist, and understand that they are the tip of the spear in the Muslim war against the West.

And how pathetic is our domestic media? Here are a few examples from the latest attack in New York:

– Former Newsweek journalist Isaac Stone Fish tweeted, “New Yorkers were not reacting to terror by going out for Halloween. New Yorkers were ignoring it because it’s not that important. (emphasis added.)

– CNN TV’s host Jake Tapper commented upon learning that the terrorist was a Muslim and that the terrorist yelled out “Allahu akbar” while perpetrating the attack, by saying that “Allahu akbar” was sometimes said under the most beautiful of circumstances.

– Chris Matthews of MSNBC asked on air (as if he didn’t know the answer), “As a Uzbeki, why would he (the terrorist) have an animus toward the United States?”

– And of course, one must not omit the New York Times from this list. This once-great newspaper, now a tabloid ragsheet posing as the “newspaper of record” has the temerity to state that there was “no single reason” for the terrorist to drive a truck into a crowd of pedestrians. The paper attributed the attack more to a lack of opportunity and financial trouble, even though the terrorist yelled “Allahu Akbar”. To quote, “As with any attack like this, there is no single reason Mr. Saipov reportedly decided to kill innocents,” the article read, going on to claim that “He had come to the United States as a moderate Muslim with dreams of making it.”

And if it couldn’t be made any clearer, the terrorist requested that an ISIS flag hang in his hospital room!
Terrorist Requested ISIS Flag for His Hospital Room, FBI Says

How can it be, that after years of nonstop terrorism around the world in the name of Islam, with hundreds of thousands of individuals murdered and millions wounded and made homeless, that our media still refuse to acknowledge the root cause of terrorism. For shame.

Daniel Greenfield, aka The Sultan Knish, has tremendous commentary on the latest terror attack:
We Didn’t Beat ISIS, It’s Here

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