Dagan: Facts Refute a Heated Claim

Yossi Dagan, head of the Samaria Regional Council, revealed an official IDF document proving that no IDF troops had been transferred from Gaza to Samaria on the day before October 7. Plus, they were not specifically moved to protect the protest tent set up by MK Zvi Sukkot in Huwara, following the attacks that took place there.

The truth states that the transfer of the forces to reinforcement positions throughout Samaria was part of a quarterly IDF plan from as early as August 2023, and therefore is not connected to MK Zvi Sukkot’s protest tent.

This matter was a heated debate so the Israel haters in the media and other leftists could prove that the massacre was enabled in part because battalions were moved from the south to Samaria on the evening prior to October 7, to protect Huwara and MK Zvi Sukkot’s protest tent. They claimed that by doing this, they could point the finger at the “settlers” in Samaria as being responsible for the circumstances that led to the massacre of October 7. Thankfully, the truth has been revealed.

IDF document proves that troops were to move from the South to Huwara already in August, by Uzi Baruch/Israel National News, May 21, 2024

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