Davidi: It’s a Different Reality for Sderot

Mayor of Sderot Alon Davidi said the city’s evacuated residents would not comply with a government decision to start sending them back home as early as February 4.

Yesterday, Davidi presented a list of conditions for the return of the city’s residents, which included the total depopulation of the northern Gaza Strip and the extension until June of accommodation stipends for evacuees.

In his statement, Davidi presented conditions for a return to Sderot that included turning the northern Gaza Strip into a “kill zone,” as he termed it, and posting two Israel Defense Forces divisions in the area.

Sderot residents have repeatedly brought to the government’s attention that there has been a failure to protect them from Palestinian terrorists who have been firing rockets at the city since 2001. It’s high time for Israel to ensure that Sderot is made safe again.

Sderot mayor rejects government decision to bring residents back on February 4, by Canaan Lidor/Times of Israel, January 8, 2024


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