Dump It! Meticulous Research Concludes No Two States

Thinc., a European think tank of international law experts came out last week with a 300 page study called “Two States for Two Peoples?” Presented at the European Parliament in Brussels on December 7, Thinc. concluded that the European Union should dump the “two-state solution” policy as it has failed and does not align with EU interests.

These include the EU’s consistent disregard of the fact that all relevant Palestinian political organizations, including the Palestinian Authority (PA), have rejected all Israeli proposals in peace negotiations. Europe also ignores the Palestinians’ constant promotion of the destruction of Israel rather than the establishment of a democratically accountable and peaceful state alongside it, they noted.

The meticulously researched report indicates that the EU has interpreted international law incorrectly when claiming that Palestinians have a right to full-fledged sovereign statehood in Judea and Samaria and eastern Jerusalem, while dismissing Israel’s legitimate territorial rights to the region. The EU also sets a double standard for Israel, as it does not apply the same legal rhetoric to any other comparable conflicts or occupations in the world, according to the report.

Thinc. was established specifically in the Hague in 2017 as the global capital of international law with a specific mission to challenge the application of international law when misused to delegitimize the State of Israel, a practice known colloquially as “lawfare.”

Indeed, this is a welcome and very important report and Thinc. deserves a huge amount of credit for their effort to report on the truth. However, the question remains: when will the European Union listen? Moreover, when will it turn itself around and correct its intentional efforts to destroy Israel?

‘Failure’: Dump two-state solution, not in EU’s interests, says European think tank, by Batya Jerenberg/World Israel News, December 13, 2022



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