Holocaust Remembrance Does the World Really Remember?

An OpEd by Giulio Meotti in Arutz Sheva brings a critical point to the forefront as the world just observed Holocaust Memorial Day.

The basis of his article states that the direct and indirect threats against Israel that go unpunished make a mockery of Holocaust Remembrance.

Though on Holocaust Memorial Day we remember the horrific acts against the Jews, anti-semitism, terrorism and hostility toward Jews still threaten Israel and the Jewish people everyday.

Meotti notes in his article, “A few days ago, in Brussels, Yuli Edelstein, president of the Knesset, condemned the hypocrisy of those who honor the memory but accuse Israel of ‘war crimes’, dialogue with Hamas and do not see the Jews who hide the star of David.”

Does the world remember this very dark chapter in history or do they choose to forget?

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