In Just a Matter of Days…

The Knesset Constitution, Law, and Justice Committee on Wednesday voted 9 to 7 to delete the Reasonability Clause regarding government level decisions from Israeli courts’ protocol. The bill is now ready for a plenum second and third reading on Sunday and will make it the first and exceedingly minute step on the way to accomplishing the Netanyahu government’s ambitious judicial reform. As expected, even this tiny victory was drowned out by the incessant battle cry of “Busha, busha” (Shame, shame) from the losing opposition.

Earlier, while the committee debate was still going, another riot broke out, when several advisers to the opposition MKs barged into the committee chamber and verbally attacked Chairman Simcha Rothman and other coalition members.

The burning question is what will the left do when they find out that ultimately the implementation of this piece of judicial reform actually benefits Israelis? The answer is that they will continue to use any means at their disposal to take down the current government. It’s OK. Israel will move forward with the judicial reforms process. Nothing can stop what is coming and it’s all good for Israel.

Anarchists Raging as Reasonability Amendment Passes Committee Vote, by David Israel/Jewish Press, July 20, 2023



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