Just a Matter of Time Now

The Netanyahu government is preparing to dramatically speed up the process of passing its judicial reform plan, even as efforts to bring the Opposition to the negotiating table for a compromise deal continue.

MK Simcha Rothman is planning to bring the second half of the government’s judicial overhaul plan for its first vote in the Knesset next week, while moving forward with final passage of the first half of the reform package. The Coalition is preparing to somewhat soften at least one portion of its judicial reform package, further reducing the number of judges required to invalidate a Knesset law.

The pace at which the Coalition is progressing with judicial reform legislation is a wakeup call to the left: work with us rationally and peacefully or be left out. The left is still choosing to fight it in increasingly violent ways. No number of protests, threats, or violence will stop what is coming and it is only a matter of time before judicial reforms are implemented and Israel’s Democracy advances. The strength that the Coalition puts forth now on its historic work will determine the future direction of the country.

Coalition preparing to speed up passage of judicial reform, by Israel National News, March 8, 2023



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