Lapid Stays Strong On Israel’s Security, Rejects Changes to Maritime Deal

Today, Israel rejected revisions requested by Lebanon to a U.S.- mediated border demarcation proposal, throwing into doubt years of diplomatic efforts to enable both enemy countries to extract gas in or around a disputed Mediterranean prospect.

After being briefed on substantive changes that Lebanon was seeking to make to the agreement, Prime Minister Yair Lapid instructed his negotiating team to reject them. Lapid made it clear that Israel would not compromise on its economic and security interests, even if it meant no deal would be reached anytime soon.

Lapid is putting on quite a show of strength as he remains firm that Israel’s security interests will not be compromised. Still, we question whether it was all planned from the start – to get votes in the November 1 election. First Lapid declares on the world stage at the UN General Assembly that he supports a two-state solution and then tries to appear bold as he rejects any changes in this maritime deal saying Israel will not compromise on its economic or security interests. How can he be unaware of the threat to Israel’s economic and security interests that would be brought about by a two-state DISSOLUTION!

Lapid rejects Lebanese revision requests in maritime border deal, by Ynet, Reuters, October 6, 2022

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