Leaders Of The Free World, Theresa May And Donald Trump

British PM Theresa May, US President Donald Trump with bust of Winston Churchill in between

One of the first acts President Donald Trump took when he moved into the White House was to restore the bust of Winston Churchill, which had been so unceremoniously removed by the White House’s former resident.
Today, President Trump is meeting with Great Britain’s current Prime Minister, Theresa May. This is an exciting moment for both countries, as one of President Trump’s major campaign promises was to restore excellent relations with America’s democratic allies, Great Britain being tops among them.
In their joint press conference the Prime Minister said she had extended an invitation from the Queen for the President to make a state visit to the UK later this year, which Mr. Trump had accepted. Donald Trump said, “The relationship between Britain and the United States has been one of the great forces in history for justice and peace. Today the United States renews our deep bond with Britain – military, financial, culture and political. We pledge our lasting support to this most special relationship.” Theresa May said, “The special relationship is based on “kinship and common interests.”
Of course, the United States and Great Britain have been the closest of allies for decades. With the assumption of leadership by Donald Trump and Theresa May, we are encouraged that these two leaders will work together to refocus the western world in maintaining security and economic growth, especially in light of worldwide Islamic terrorism now spanning the globe.
We are also hopeful that under May’s leadership, Britain’s antagonism toward Israel in the United Nations will finally recede, and we have already seen signs of this occurring.
As we have written in prior posts, President Trump has hit the ground running and is so far proving true to his promise to reestablish America’s relationships with its allies. Trump has also promised to “put America first.” By doing so, he is moving America back to its natural role as leader of the free world, more necessary today than ever.

Video: Interview with Ralph Peters About Obama Sending $221 Million To The Palestinians
One of Barack Obama’s last act as president was to underhandedly send $221 million to the “Palestinians”. It looks like the Trump administration has frozen this transfer, at least for now.
In the video below, Lt. Col. Ralph Peters is interviewed, explaining why Obama did it. The pertinent part starts at 1:25.

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