Levin: We’ll Do it Right

Justice Minister Yariv Levin has expressed his lack of faith in the process by which the Judicial Selection Committee chooses judges.

According to Israel Hayom, Levin recently told political sources that, “There will not be judicial appointments using the method of Ayelet Shaked. I do not believe in this approach for performing appointments. What is important to me is not this appointment or that one but correcting the method from its foundations.”

The site explained that Levin therefore will not agree to make “deals” for judicial appointments, in which the government and judges veto each other’s picks, such that too-liberal judges will be vetoed by the coalition, while judges deemed too conservative would be vetoed by the judges on the Judicial Selection Committee.

Levin and Hayut have already made several appointments together, on a variety of positions in the judicial system, and they meet every week. However, there remains a question regarding whether Hayut will agree, before her retirement, to approve the appointment of two conservative justices, as Levin desires.

Justice Minister: We won’t appoint judges the way Ayelet Shaked wanted, by Israel National News, June 1, 2023




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