May Golan Keeps Up The Fight

Yesterday, we wrote about May Golan and her heroic battle to save south Tel Aviv from thousands of illegal infiltrators who are living there in squalor and causing terrible harm and damage. After reading our post, May sent us the following:

As I continue to lead the fight in illegal immigration in Israel – together with the Hebrew City NGO – I recently received an honor pin from the District Commander of the police, as a recognition of my activity. I will continue to fight in the name of hundreds of thousands of residents who are being conquered by the illegal infiltrators who are literally ruining the lives of Israeli citizens. Please continue to help us in this very difficult battle to enable Jews to live in safety, and to keep the character of Israel intact.
Kol Hakavod, May!

Lame Duck?
(Cartoon: Ron Rogers)
Barack Hussein Obama has forever changed the meaning of the term “lame duck” president. A lame duck is defined as “an official (especially the president) in the final period of office, after the election of a successor”, and has come to mean “an ineffectual or unsuccessful person or thing.”

While most presidents leave office quietly and often graciously, helping the incoming president-elect negotiate the challenges and responsibilities of his new position, BHO is anything but lame. He’s a thrashing, vindictive, sore-loser who is using every day and every bit of his remaining power to paralyze, hurt and stop President-Elect Donald J. Trump, the new administration, the Republican party and America’s greatest friend, Israel.
Here is a short list of some of Obama’s last-minute actions in the period between the election and inauguration:
– Anti-Israel Security Council Resolution 2334, on which the US abstained instead of vetoed
– John Kerry’s speech castigating Israel
– The continuing release of Muslim terrorists from Guantanimo Bay, a significant number of whom return to committing acts of terror
– An initiative to decrease drastically coal mining and offshore drilling for oil and natural gas, thus handicapping US energy independence
– More than 200 acts of “clemency”, i.e., pardons and commutations (are Hillary and her cohorts on the short list?)
– Increasing hugely the number of “refugees” from the Middle East into the US
– And the latest, the pardon of Chelsea Manning, who leaked classified military secrets to Wikileaks
All presidents-elect have their work cut out for them upon entering the White House. However, Donald Trump has the additional challenge of dealing with (and undoing) the dangerous actions taken by the current inhabitant, and doing so in an environment of hate, created in no small part, by the pen-wielding lame duck.

AFSI is a co-sponsor of The 4th Sovereignty Conference:
“Sovereignty with Responsibility”
Sponsored by Women In Green and the Forum for Sovereignty

For those who will be in Jerusalem on Sunday, February 12, this conference is a must!
Full Jewish Sovereignty over all of Judea and Samaria is the answer, and this conference is another step in that direction.
Hosted by Women In Green and the Forum For Sovereignty, the speakers are a Whose Who of today’s leaders for full sovereignty.
There is no charge, but seating is limited and registration is required.
Lectures are in Hebrew with simultaneous translation into English!
Please see the flyers below for full information.


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