MK Uzi Dayan: Apply Sovereignty to Jordan Valley

In Arutz Sheva’s recent sit-down with MK Uzi Dayan, Maj. Gen. and former Deputy Chief of Staff, Dayan discussed ways to deal with the escalation in the South, the approaching Trump program, and his party’s difficulty in drawing left-center seats.

He also said it’s time to apply Sovereignty in the Jordan Valley.

“We need to say that it is time for Sovereignty in the Jordan Valley and to open the valley and open a door for those who want to talk to us without preconditions.” When asked what he offers to Ramallah and Shechem residents, he directs the Palestinian Authority residents to their leadership. “We have no interest in controlling the Palestinians. We want a Jewish and democratic state and we are not willing to give up security for that. I was the head of the Security Committee sitting across Jordan, the Palestinians, and Syria. There’s no one to talk to. Let them decide what they want and understand that their address is Israel, if they want to talk. If they continue to insist, I will continue to build my Jewish democratic state.”

Read the full interview HERE.

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