Netanyahu Confirms Homesh is High Priority

Reports state that Israel’s coalition does not intend to bow down to American pressure to halt construction of new Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria. Instead, the coalition plans to introduce a bill next week to regulate Homesh.

At a cabinet meeting this week, Religious Zionism Minister of Settlement Orit Strock raised the urgent need to advance the issue of regulating Homesh considering the deadline set by the High Court of Justice requiring the government to explain why the yeshiva should not be evacuated.

In response, Justice Minister Yariv Levin informed Strock that this bill is scheduled to come up for a vote in the Ministerial Committee for Legislation this coming Sunday, and next Wednesday will be submitted for a first reading by the Knesset. Levin also promised that the bill would be given a high priority, and this was confirmed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

It’s reassuring that Prime Minister Netanyahu’s government is giving Homesh high priority. We eagerly await confirmation of measures that will regulate and SAVE Homesh.

Coalition Determined to Regulate Homesh Despite US Objections, by David Israel/Jewish Press, February 8, 2023

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