Netanyahu: Months, Not Years-Victory is Within Reach

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a press conference on Wednesday, during which he criticized the executive order signed by US President Joe Biden to impose sanctions on four Judea and Samaria residents accused of violence against Palestinian Arabs.

“This order is a very severe and inappropriate thing which harms an entire population of law-abiding citizens, among whom are soldiers who fell in the fight to eliminate Hamas. If they were using it equally- they would have imposed sanctions on Palestinians as well,” the Prime Minister said when asked on the matter.

The Prime Minister opened his statement by proclaiming: “We are on the road to complete victory. It is in reach – it is a few months away, not years.”

When asked about an Israeli agreement to release terrorists as part of a hostage deal, he answered: “We have not committed to anything, not the crazy things that Hamas is demanding, not the nature of the terrorists, and not the inflated numbers. There is supposed to be a negotiation process through mediators, but from Hamas’s reaction, as I see it, they aren’t there.”

Regarding the humanitarian aid, the Prime Minister stated that “according to one of our security officials – up to 60% of the humanitarian aid that enters Gaza is taken by Hamas. I instructed the IDF to find solutions that would reduce Hamas’s takeover of humanitarian aid.

The facts about the “violent and extremist Israeli settlers” and the real percentage of humanitarian aid that reaches Gaza’s legitimate needs are not reaching far enough. That Netanyahu publicly addresses this is obviously good. That the wider public audience doesn’t hear it due to suppression, demonization, and politicization continues to hurt Israel. Israel is long overdue for a true public relations campaign to mass communicate to the world. If the IDF can carry out a mass communication campaign to warn residents to leave Gaza in advance of the IDF going, then Israel surely can develop a true public relations department informing the world daily on the truth about what really goes on.


PM Netanyahu: ‘US sanctions severe and inappropriate – harms law-abiding citizens’, by Israel National News, February 7, 2024


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