Hamas Assumed Wrong and Got Caught

The IDF conducted a raid overnight on Shifa Hospital in the northern Gaza Strip and arrested 80 terror suspects.

The Hamas operatives who returned to hide in the hospital wrongly assumed that Israel, facing massive international pressure, would not dare to respond, even if the IDF and the Shin Bet found out about their presence there, for fear of backlash from Washington and global public opinion.

The mission was prompted by intelligence that Hamas was regrouping in the northern Gaza hospital and planned to reinstate the facility as its local terror headquarters, a role it served before the war.

This “surgical operation” should serve as a warning to terrorists hiding anywhere in Israel that more operations will get underway, and that they can’t run and hide anymore.

IDF raids Gaza hospital where Hamas terrorists planned to regroup, by Vered Weiss/World Israel News, March 18, 2024

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