Nethanyahu Orders Havat Gilad Connected to Electric Grid – Finally

Havat Gilad was created on private land owned by Moshe Zar in 2002, in response to the murder of Gilad Zar by Arab terrorists in 2001. Labeled an “unauthorized outpost” by the Israeli government, it has existed all these years struggling to buy water and electricity, since the government would not supply these humanitarian needs. We are aware that if these basic requirements were denied to Arabs in Gaza, the world would be up in arms, but somehow Jews in the Jewish state could be treated this way.

Now that Rabbi Raziel Shevach, a 35 year old father of six and mainstay of the community has been murdered by Arab terrorists, the government is ready to supply electricity. We hope they will also remember the water.

Artuz Sheva reports today that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has ordered that the community of Havat Gilad in Samaria be connected to Israel’s national electricity grid immediately, days after Rabbi Raziel Shevach, z’l, was gunned down by Arab terrorists just a few hundred yards away from his home.

While we can appreciate this important development for the residents of Havat Gilad, we simply CANNOT accept why it took so long for electricity to be connected. Moreover, we are angered by the fact that a death prompted action to be taken.

Remember – Donations to the Shevach family are sorely needed. AFSI members and friends can send checks to AFSI, 1751 Second Avenue, New York, NY 10128. Checks should be made out to AFSI, but EARMARKED for the SHEVACH FAMILY.

AFSI’s Co-Executive Director, Helen Freedman, will be leaving for Israel on Sunday, bringing with her duffel bags filled with clothing and toys for the six fatherless children, all donated by an anonymous donor. She will be offering condolences to the family from the entire AFSI family, as well as giving them funds that have already been raised for them.

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