At least nine people are reported wounded in a terror attack on Road 1, near Ma’ale Adumim, heading towards Jerusalem. One of the seriously wounded victims has died from their wounds. He has been identified as Matan Elmaliach HY”D, age 26, from Ma’ale Adumim.

Five victims have been transported to the hospital, one of them has since died from their wounds, but not yet been identified. Three are in serious condition, including a woman, age 23, who was shot in the chest, another woman, age 30 who was shot in the chest, and a man, age 23, who was shot in the stomach and lower body. One of the seriously wounded women is pregnant and doctors are trying to save the baby.

Police report that three terrorists took advantage of the traffic jam on Road 1 near the A-Zaim checkpoint. They got out of their car, pulled out their automatic weapons and opened fire on cars sitting in traffic.

One terrorist was immediately killed. A second was neutralized. The third tried to escape and was found and killed. All three are from villages around Beit Lechem.

Dead and Multiple Wounded in Terror Attack Near Ma’ale Adumim Traffic Jam, by Jewish Press News Desk, February 22, 2024

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