New York Times Adds Insult to Injury

Likud MK Dannny Danon attacked a “Breaking news” update published on the New York Times website regarding the deadly terror attack in Jerusalem.

The update read: “A gunman killed at least five people at an east Jerusalem synagogue after a deadly month in the occupied West Bank”. Danon replied on Twitter and wrote: “Shame on you New York Times.”

There’s no credibility to be given for the ongoing Jew hatred reporting that comes from America’s “paper of record.” However, while AFSI loathes reporting even the slightest bit on this pathetic and unprofessional “news” source, we ask you – on behalf of Israel – TAKE ACTION! Call The New York Times today and tell them you’ve had enough of their biased and anti-Semitic reporting: (855) 698-1157.

Danon attacks NY Times headline: “Shame on you”, by Israel National News, January 28, 2023

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