Obama Did Nothing. Rutgers Did Nothing. But Trump…..

In 2011, a Rutgers University “event” ended up being a threat to Jewish students and was no more than a cover up to drum up support for BDS. When a formal complaint was filed with the US Department of Education, the Obama administration dismissed it and refused to consider an appeal.

And Rutgers did nothing to protect Jewish students.

The Trump administration is now taking anti-semitism cases seriously. It will reopen the case brought by a Zionist group against Rutgers University, claiming the college allowed a hostile setting for Jewish students. In addition, Assistant Secretary of Education for Civil Rights Kenneth Marcus will seek a working definition of anti-semitism, one that is widely used by governmental agencies.

AFSI applauds the Trump administration once again for doing the right thing.

It’s really true that Jews have no better friend than President Trump. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

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