PA Bank Freeze Suspended: Decision Backs Israel’s Murderers

Israel suspended an order signed less than a month ago that froze accounts in Palestinian Authority banks through which salaries were paid to murderers of Jews and their families.

As of this morning, the State of Israel is officially allowing Palestinian banks to once again transfer money and salaries to the murderers of the Israeli people. Notice of the order’s 45-day suspension was sent to the Palestinian Authority last night by decision of Defense Minister and Alternate Prime Minister Benny Gantz.

Security officials in Israel confirmed this and said the decision was made in light of recommendations by various bodies in the security system for re-examination and obtaining opinions on the significance of the order in light of its “sensitivity” and “tension in the field”.

We at Americans For A Safe Israel are baffled. What led to this utterly incomprehensible decision? These payments are the #1 incentive that drives PA terror against Israelis. Were Israel’s leaders pressured into making the decision and why? Just what kind of “re-examination and obtaining opinions” are needed here? Is Jewish blood on the PA’s hands not enough to drive the point home? The PA had made clear it was not going to stop the payments in any event. However, allowing for these payments to be made easily certainly does not help reduce the number of the Jewish victims. We would like to see Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reinstate the order now. The welfare of the Jewish people must come first and Gantz has clearly lost sight of this. His decision allows the cycle of terror to continue. STOP THE PAY FOR SLAY PAYMENTS!!!

#MurderersOfJews #PAPaysTerrorists #PAHasBloodOnItsHands #StopSalariesToPA

Madness: Gantz Suspends Bennett’s Order Compelling PA Banks to Halt Terrorists’ Salaries, by David Israel. The Jewish Press – June 4, 2020

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