Rebuild But With One Guarantee

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday told the council heads of the Gaza Envelope settlements, “We are determined to rebuild the communities and the kibbutzim, in what is called ‘the area adjacent to the Gaza Strip,’ to return the residents to their homes, and bring about a much greater prosperity than there was before the war.”

“To this end, we need – first and foremost – to achieve victory over Hamas, but also to carry out the necessary actions in the civilian sector; therefore, we have convened the War Cabinet today, together with the team of ministers,” Netanyahu said.

Rebuilding and repopulating are what we want to see but with one condition. There must be security components in place so that the residents can live with the knowledge that safety and security – free of the threat of terror attacks – is guaranteed.

Netanyahu: Peace and Prosperity around the Corner for Gaza Envelope Residents, by David Israel/Jewish Press, January 17, 2024


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