Right Before Our Very Eyes

A resident of Efrat noticed from the balcony of his house that Palestinian Authority Arabs were carrying out surveying work in the valley adjacent to the town’s fence, which is in Area C, under full Israeli control.

Documentation and a report to the Regavim movement revealed that the Council of Artas, the Palestinian Authority village located between Bethlehem and Efrat, issued a call to the residents of the area to register their lands in the complex known by them as Umm Rukba in the Palestinian Authority property registry. The announcement to the public was even published on the council’s Facebook page.

Regavim has repeatedly warned that this is a phenomenon occurring in recent years on a huge scale and is just another example of systematic land grabs.

“The Government of Israel, Minister-in-Charge Smotrich and members of the Cabinet – wake up! Gush Katif 2 is happening before our eyes every day and there is no enforcement and no significant action, not even in the current government, against this serious and dangerous phenomenon. The Palestinian state is being built before our eyes and within arm’s reach of us.”

Palestinian surveyors working within Area C, by Israel National News, August 3, 2023




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