Sderot Continues to Grow Despite the Incessant Arab Rockets

Sderot boasts the world’s largest underground fortified playground, extending 25,000 square feet and containing 300 tons of 25-gauge steel. This playground was and continues to be instrumental during intense rocket attacks that began before the Gush Katif expulsion of 2005. It’s become a hub for families, schools and visitors—a safe place giving the area’s residents a chance to feel at ease.

AFSI’s first reaction to this playground was one of disapproval. Why should the solution to the never-ending rocket attacks be that Jews go underground? Why not eliminate the attackers? It’s been at least 15 years since Sderot has endured this situation. Isn’t it time for it to end? Do hairsplitting legal advisers prohibit the IDF from wiping out the enemy because some legality or claims of human rights are violated? This is unconscionable since the lives and health of the citizens of Sderot and neighboring communities are under threat. The government must come up with a better solution than sending Jews underground.

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