September is Almost Here. Is the Clock Ticking for UNRWA?

The 74th session of the UN General Assembly in New York is schedule to begin on September 17. With only one month to go until the Assembly opens, the Palestinian Authority is fearful that UNRWA will not be renewed.

UNRWA was originally intended as a temporary solution but has now become a part of the PA’s unrelenting attempts to destroy and delegitimize Israel. Furthermore, a true refugee agency should not be allowed to continue to profit from the misery of the very people it is mandated to help. UNRWA funds can no longer be used as a corrupt weapon for the PA to educate and promote terror against Israel.

The Jerusalem Post’s Editorial Staff writes that there is no more need for UNRWA: UNRWA needs to be drastically reformed and the Palestinians themselves would be the first to benefit from UNRWA being revamped. UNRWA has done nothing to build a sustainable, peaceful Palestinian state. The recent report containing allegations of serious flaws could be the wake-up call the UN needs to re-examine UNRWA’s status. It’s time for the absurdity to end.

UN agency for Palestinians is too corrupt to save ~David May

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