Sovereignty Will Complete the Task

Member of Knesset Dan Illouz has introduced a bill together with a group of right-wing members of Knesset calling for the imposition of full sovereignty over all Jordan Valley territories.

According to the bill, the imposition of sovereignty will come into effect on October 7, 2024, a year after the massacre. According to those behind it, the move will represent a victory and link the imposition of sovereignty to this fateful date.

“A true victory will be possible only when the enemy feels that October 7 was a mistake, turning it into a day of mourning for them” Chairman of the Jordan Valley Sovereignty Caucus, MK Dan Illouz, stated. “Now, we must complete the task by deepening our roots in our land and imposing sovereignty over wide areas of the country,” he added.

Sovereignty – Sovereignty – Sovereignty – Sovereignty – Sovereignty – NOW!

New bill: Full sovereignty to be imposed over Jordan Valley next October 7, by Israel National News, April 7, 2024


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