Terrorism Spree Strikes Ariel

A total of six people were wounded in terror attacks that began near the entrance to the Ariel industrial zone on Tuesday morning and ended on Road 5. The attack began near the entrance to the industrial park, where one guard was stabbed and wounded. The attack continued to the “Ten” gas station where three people were stabbed. Three of the wounded people died from their wounds in this combined ramming-stabbing attack.

A terrorist was neutralized following a chase on Highway 5, after the terrorist also caused an eight-car traffic accident with the car he stole from the gas station. An additional person, age 50, was killed from the traffic accident, along with additional multiple wounded. Another person who was stabbed by the terrorist on Road 4 was evacuated.

Benjamin Netanyahu has his work cut out for him. The need to stop the massive escalation of terrorism in Judea and Samaria has grown in urgency and must be made priority number one. Without any plan to combat this, all citizens are left defenseless.

Updated: Multiple Dead & Wounded in Terror Attack at Entrance to Ariel Industrial Zone, by Jewish Press News Desk, November 15, 2022

3 dead in Samaria terror attack, 4 wounded, by Israel National News, November 15, 2022



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