The Nation Demands Resettlement

Tens of thousands of men and women, children, and the elderly, participated in the Gaza March on Yom HaAzmaut calling on the Israeli government to resist international pressure and to achieve victory against the Hamas terrorist organization in the Gaza Strip.

The March was organized by dozens of organizations led by the Nachala movement, families of hostages, fallen IDF soldiers from the Swords of Iron War, politicians, rabbis, and other public figures. Residents of Sderot warmly welcomed the marchers and handed out candies to them.

The organizers of the march said in response to the major turnout: “The nation demands resettlement of the Gaza Strip. Now is the time for the Israeli government to listen to the people. Only the resettlement of the Gaza Strip will give us security.”

Tens of thousands demonstrate for victory in Sderot march, by Israel National News, May 14, 2024


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