The Season of Our Rejoicing Met with Violence From Within

A group of right-wing coalition Members of Knesset led by Simcha Rothman sent a letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel Police Chief Kobi Shabtai demanding an examination of the treatment of Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount by police officers.

Akiva Ariel, the spokesman for the Beyadenu Temple Mount advocacy group, noted that police have been aggressive towards Jews at the Temple Mount during this holiday. The organization documented that Jews visiting the Temple Mount were met with severe violence by policemen. In the video, a policeman is seen turning off his body camera, approaching and brutally beating a young boy. The policemen were also observed trying to take cellphones by force and used threats and harsh language against them.

“So far, 22 Jews have been arrested on the Temple Mount. several of them for attempting to bring a lulav and etrog into the compound in order to perform the mitzvah that is specific to the holiday. Others were arrested for attempting to prostrate themselves on the holy stones.”

The Sukkot holiday is in progress and the Jewish people wish to ascend the Temple Mount to perform a mitzvah but still they are treated like criminals. Israel must assert its legal rights to the Temple Mount and become a government in control of its sovereign rights. This is a disgrace and there’s nothing else to be said about it or describe the ongoing shameful treatment of the Jewish people that this is.

MKs petition Netanyahu to improve treatment of Jews at Temple Mount, by Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz/Israel365News, October 2, 2023




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