Think Hard U.S. – How Did Iran Get to This Point?

The United States said on Tuesday it is “greatly concerned” by an International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) report which said Iran has increased its production of highly enriched uranium.

“Iran’s nuclear escalation is all the more concerning at a time when Iran-backed proxies continue their dangerous and destabilizing activities in the region, including the recent deadly drone attack and other attempted attacks in Iraq and Syria and the Houthi attacks against commercial shipping vessels in the Red Sea,” said a White House national security council spokesperson quoted by Reuters.

It’s really very simple. As long as Biden cozies up to and funds Iran the U.S. should not be surprised that Iran continues to enrich its uranium supply.

US ‘greatly concerned’ by Iran’s uranium enrichment, by Elad Benari/Israel National News, December 27, 2023


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