This Designation is Mandatory

Shurat HaDin, a Tel Aviv-based organization representing families of victims and survivors of the October 7th massacre, is demanding that UNRWA be listed as a terror organization because of its proven ties to Hamas.

It has been revealed that 12 UNRWA workers took an active part in the October 7th massacre along with the discovery that a Hamas data center was located directly below UNRWA’s Gaza headquarters. Shurat HaDin is pursuing action to ensure the UN “humanitarian” organization’s involvement with terrorism is investigated and exposed.

We applaud Shurat HaDin for advocating to designate UNRWA as the terrorist entity we’ve always known it is. The cascade of emerging revelations about UNRWA cannot be stopped and for any rational minded individual paying attention, they clearly provide the proof of UNRWA’s evil intent – to wipe Israel off of the map.

Lawyers for Oct. 7th victims demand designation of UNRWA as terror group, by Vered Weiss/World Israel News, February 13, 2024


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