This Mission Complete. Next Stop Rafah

The IDF summed up the results of the operation at Shifa Hospital in Gaza, which ended this morning after two weeks.

“Over the last two weeks, the IDF and the ISA conducted precise operational activity against terrorist operatives and infrastructure at Shifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip. The forces apprehended approximately 500 terrorists identified as affiliated with terrorist organizations and eliminated hundreds of terrorists in the Strip. The apprehended suspects were transferred for further interrogation to the ISA and Unit 504 in the Intelligence Directorate,” the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit stated Monday afternoon.

The forces found large quantities of weapons, intelligence documents throughout the hospital, encountered terrorists in close-quarters battles and engaged in combat while avoiding harm to the medical staff and patients.

Regardless of US support, Israel must enter Rafah, destroy the network of terror tunnels there, hostages believed to be held there and finish the job of eliminating Hamas and PIJ.

200 terrorists eliminated, 500 arrested in 2-week operation at Shifa Hospital, by Israel National News


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