UN Avoids the Problem

An independent UN review of UNRWA, the UN’s agency for “Palestinian refugees”, released its report on Monday.

The panel, headed by former French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna, found “neutrality-related issues” in UNRWA but also claimed that Israel had yet to provide evidence for allegations that a significant number of its staff were members of terrorist organizations.

Israeli Affairs Ministry spokesperson Oren Marmorstein stated “The problem with UNRWA-Gaza isn’t that of a few bad apples; it is a rotten and poisonous tree whose roots are Hamas. The Colonna report ignores the severity of the problem and offers cosmetic solutions that do not deal with the enormous scope of Hamas’ infiltration of UNRWA. This is not what a genuine and thorough review looks like. This is what an effort to avoid the problem and not address it head on looks like,”

The finding of this report should be of no surprise to anyone. The UN has yet to show itself to be fair and unbiased agency that lives up to its stated mission. The UN’s double standard and demonization of Israel continue in any way they can implement it.

UN probe on UNRWA: Israel didn’t provide evidence staff were terror group members, by Elad Benari/Israel National News, April 22, 2024

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