Unbalanced! Herzog’s Plan Takes Sides Against Sovereign People

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected a judicial compromise proposal presented on Wednesday night by President Isaac Herzog during an address to the nation earlier in the evening.

“The issues presented by the president were not agreed upon by the coalition and key clauses in his outline only perpetuate the current situation and do not bring the necessary balance between the branches,” stated the premier. “This is the unfortunate truth.”

Herzog presented what he termed the “people’s plan,” beginning his speech by painting a bleak picture of Israel’s political situation, in which protests have roiled the country, saying that he had spoken to thousands of citizens and never before heard such “frightening rhetoric.” “I’ve heard real, deep hatred. I’ve heard people from all sides [say] that, Gd forbid, if there’ll be blood in the streets, it will no longer shock them,” he said.

Herzog is only fanning the flames of hate, anger, and protest. He should know better in the leadership position he holds. It makes us wonder just how many facts he really has about the imbalances and abuses in the existing Israel judicial system. Whose is he siding with anyway?

Netanyahu: Herzog’s judicial reform proposal perpetuates power imbalance, by JNS/March 15, 2023


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