Unconscionable! Israel and the Maritime Deal

Roi Kais, the Arab Affairs Correspondent Kan for Israel’s Channel 11 translated and presented the presentation of Elias Bou Saab, the Deputy Speaker of Lebanon’s parliament, as to how Lebanon out-negotiated Israel and the Americans on the shared maritime border and offshore gas fields, compromising on nothing, while getting the Israeli-US side to compromise on every single point.

It seems Israel did not fight hard enough for its best interests. Lebanon saw through Israel’s game and then rejected one offer after another, plus they added more threats and conditions. The US showed how desperate they were for a deal. It was obvious to everyone in Israel as Interim Prime Minister Yair Lapid kept sweetening the pot with nothing in return that he wanted to close the deal before the upcoming elections,. The US needed to close the deal before Benjamin Netanyahu’s possible return to office, who would scuttle the fire sale.

Moral of the story: never negotiate against yourself – EVER!.

Step-by-Step: How Lebanon Out-Negotiated Israel, Amos Hochstein and Yair Lapid, by Jewish Press News Desk, October 30, 2022


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