At the time of this writing, the IDF identified 200 rockets that were fired into Israel today. Of the 200 fired, the IDF reports its Iron Dome has intercepted 60.

Among the casualties: a 19-year-old Israeli man was seriously wounded; United Hatzalah reported that ten people were treated for injuries; multiple Israeli homes have been hit by rocket fire.

There have been some miracles. Among them is the bus that was targeted (photo below). Every person on the bus had already exited the bus BEFORE the rocket struck. Thank G-d there were no casualties here.

AFSI mourns the death IDF officer Lt. Colonel M., 41 and father of two, who was killed during an operation in the Gaza strip Sunday night. PM Netanyahu called him a “much-praised warrior…one day the full extent of his heroism will be told. The people of Israel owe him a great debt.”

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