US Doesn’t Hide Hatred of Israel

Secretary of State Blinken delivered an address at the annual event for the anti-Israel group, J Street.

Secretary of State Blinken took an opening shot at the incoming conservative Israeli government, warning that “We expect the new Israeli Government to continue to work with us to advance our shared values, just as we have previous governments.”

Blinken insisted that the Biden regime would hold Israel “to the mutual standards we have established in our relationship over the past seven decades” and “work relentlessly to prevent any parties from taking actions that could raise tensions or further raise tensions and push the two-state solution even further out of reach.”

How dare Blinken instruct Israel as he makes statements that favor the terrorists. Time and again, the current US administration’s hatred of Israel is on full display.

At Anti-Israel Event, Blinken Warns Jewish State Not to Allow Prayer, by Daniel Greenfield/Front Page Magazine, December 5, 2022




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