Free Homesh From This Stupidity

Rabbi Elishama Cohen, Homesh Rosh Yeshiva, was indicted for violating the 2005 Disengagement Law, which bars Jews from entering and living in the four northern Samaria communities.

The indictment stated that Rabbi Cohen visited the Homesh Yeshiva without the proper authorization on November 15. The prosecution seeks prison time if he is convicted.

The Samaria Regional Council has launched a campaign to pressure the government to repeal the Disengagement Law as it applies to northern Samaria and to legalize the Homesh Yeshiva.

Rabbi Chaim Druckman said: “The Disengagement Law is just stupidity, and it should be repealed as soon as possible. I have no words to say and I don’t want to talk about how we did this to ourselves, this nonsense and stupidity. We should be freed from it as soon as possible.”

Rabbi Druckman further stated that he is confident that the current government with its healthy approach will act quickly to free Homesh from this disgrace. We hope so too.

Homesh Rosh Yeshiva indicted for violating Disengagement Law, by Gary Willig/Israel National News, November 29, 2022




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