Violated: Shabbos in Judea

The Mount Hebron spokesman’s office reported that this past Shabbat about 30 Arab rioters managed to infiltrate the town of Otniel in Judea, south of Hebron. The rioters were spotted before they entered the community, and its security patrol was waiting for them when they crossed into the town. The head of Otniel’s security called the IDF for help.

The rioters reportedly vandalized property, damaged equipment, and destroyed a tent used by the local youth for prayer and Bible study.

They say “rioters,” we say, “terrorists.” Any violation at any time of Israeli land and the Israeli people, whether on Shabbos or not, is a violation of Israel’s sovereign rights.

Arab rioters infiltrate Jewish town near Hebron, by TPS via World Israel News, September 10, 2023

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