We Applaud This Stand Against Illegal PA Construction

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett asked the High Court for 45 days to formulate a policy on the open areas in Judea and Samaria and the attempts by the Palestinian Authority to take control of them.

In a hearing held last week, the High Court granted the request and rejected the petition by attorney Michael Sefard which seeks to allow a Palestinian Arab company to undertake massive development work near the new town of Amichai in Binyamin under the TABO project.

An extension was issued following the State announcement that “the defense minister wants to examine the issue in depth and discuss it with all relevant parties, since this is a complex issue that must also be examined in aspects and implications that deviate from the specific case.”

‘Construction company worked for PA since 2011’, by Arutz Sheva Staff. Arutz Sheva – January 26, 2020

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