What Are Tomorrow’s Elections Really About?

Most of Israel’s commentators insist that Tuesday’s Knesset elections—the fifth in fewer than four years—are about the same thing the last four were about: Benjamin Netanyahu. If you vote for Netanyahu’s Likud Party, or for the other three parties in his right-religious bloc, then you are for Netanyahu. If you vote for caretaker Prime Minister Yair Lapid’s Yesh Atid party, or for any of the members of his left-Arab bloc, then you are against Netanyahu. Nothing else is up for grabs.

In her JNS Brief, Glick succinctly states: Do we believe in our nation state and wish to preserve and defend it, or do we reject our national identity and national rights, and aspire to replace both with a globalist, progressive identity, devoid of Zionism and of Jewish sovereignty?

November 1 is all about Sovereignty and the day will prove to be a defining referendum on what the Israeli people really want for their future.

Jewish sovereignty is on the ballot, by Caroline Glick/JNS, October 30, 2022


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