What is Netanyahu Not Willing to Give Up?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is confident his government can achieve some form of normalization with Saudi Arabia in the coming months, Netanyahu said in an interview with Bloomberg Television broadcasted on Monday.
“I think that we are about to witness a pivot of history,” he told Bloomberg’s Francine Lacqua. “First, there is an economic corridor of energy, transport and communications that naturally goes through our geography from Asia through the Arabian Peninsula to Europe.

Netanyahu downplayed claims that the Palestinian issue played a significant role in negotiations. “Is that what’s being said in corridors? Is that what’s being said in discreet negotiations? The answer is a lot less than you think,” he said. Asked what concessions Israel would be willing to make to the Palestinians, the prime minister refused to give specific examples. “I’ll tell you what I’m not willing to give. I’m not willing to give anything that will endanger Israel’s security. That I will not do, but I think there is enough room to discuss possibilities,” he said.

Without the application of Sovereignty over Judea and Samaria, Israel’s security IS endangered. The discussion of Israel’s Sovereignty over this area must never be questioned or brought to the negotiating table as a bargaining chip.

‘Bet on it’: Netanyahu says Israel about to make history with Saudis, by JNS Update Desk, August 7, 2023






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