Who Knew What and When? Netanyahu Demands Answers

The media watchdog Honest Reporting published an investigative report late on Wednesday showing that journalists from leading news outlets, including The New York Times, AP, Reuters, and CNN, joined Hamas terrorist from the Gaza Strip on October 7 to document the horrific events with their cameras.

Their report raised weighty ethical questions in the investigation regarding the presence of those photographers alongside Hamas terrorists.

Among other things, it begs the question of whether the photographers were aware in advance of the intent to carry out the massacre and how they arrived on the scene so quickly. Did Hamas allow them to be there? Did these news reporters have approval to enter Israel alongside the terrorists? Did the photographers inform their editors that they were accompanying the terrorists as they carried out the attacks against the Israelis?

While the Associated Press and Reuters have denied any advance knowledge of what was to become the worst terrorist attack in Israel’s history, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s administration is demanding answers from these prominent news agencies. Just look at the photo that accompanies this article. A great photo op for the journalists, right? This photo and the brutally revealing information from Honest Reporting leaves us highly suspicious and not in full agreement with the current train of thought on what caused the October 7 massacre that “just like 1973, Israel missed this one.”

Israel demands action after journalists reportedly joined Hamas massacre, by Jerusalem Post, WALLA!/November 9, 2023

Gazan journalist participated in Hamas massacre, ecstatically displayed soldier’s ID card, helmet and magazine, by Nan Jacques Zilberdik/Palestinian Media Watch/November 9, 2023

Netanyahu Demands Answers from CNN, NYT, AP, Reuters, on Embedded Hamas Photographers, by Joel B. Pollak/Breitbart/November 9, 2023








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