Will Sovereignty be Next?

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Friday that the IDF will control the Gaza Strip after the end of the war against Hamas.

Meeting with mayors of Gaza border communities in the IDF headquarters in Tel Aviv, Netanyahu said “IDF forces will maintain control in the Strip; we will not hand it over to external forces.”

According to a statement from Netanyahu’s office, he told the mayors that “There is a very strong determination from both you and the government to restore more than what was before. First and foremost, to bring back security, but also to ensure a stronger life thereafter.”

“There will be Israeli security control over the Gaza Strip, including complete disarmament, to ensure that there is no longer a threat from Gaza to the citizens of Israel,” the statement added.

While this sounds promising, we await the actual implementation of Netanyahu’s plan. The residents of the border communities have been suffering long enough. The next stop on this train needs to be the long-awaited and badly needed full application of Sovereignty.

Netanyahu: IDF will control Gaza after war, by Yoav, Zitun, Daniel Edelson, New York, Reuters, Einav Halabi, Matan Tzuri, Lior Ben Ari/Ynetnews, November 10, 2023





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