Will the Real Enemy Please Stand Up?

Approximately one hundred Border Police officers and inspectors from the Civil Administration raided the homesteads ‘Sde Yonatan’ and ‘Or Meir’ in the Binyamin region this morning. The security forces demolished all the buildings at both locations, including residences and a sheepfold.

The residents of the homesteads claimed that Arab workers were hired to take part in the demolition and the confiscation of farm equipment. Among other things, the security forces confiscated a generator used to power the lights of the homestead’s security system, as well as heating equipment, despite it still being winter.

Residents of the homesteads criticized the demolition: “Even during wartime, the government is still deep in the misconception and sees settlers as the true enemy. Those who decided, at a time like this, to take one hundred Border Police officers from security assignments to demolish pioneering efforts at these locations are criminals, irresponsible, and dangerous to the lives of all Israeli citizens.”

We know the real enemy will never stand up. But what we do know is that it’s high time for the government to put a stop to treating Jewish residents like they are the enemy.

Civil Administration demolishes Israeli homesteads, by Israel National News, February 29, 2024



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