With a Pile of Dirt, Gantz Gets His Last Dig In

An IDF tractor has formed a dirt levee blocking the parking lot at the entrance to the community of Homesh.

Homesh Yeshiva director Shmuel Wendi claims that this was a direct order from Defense Minister Benny Gantz who is in the last days of his term: “Gantz doesn’t rest and obsessively takes advantage of every minute that he has left on the job to continue to abuse the Homesh Yeshiva.”

The Disengagement Law is what shamefully prevents Israelis from entering or remaining in the evacuated area of Homesh except for yeshiva members who have special clearance from the Defense Minister. While the policies of Israel’s security forces have not changed, we trust that we can look forward to a complete turnaround with the soon to be fully formed Netanyahu government. In order for normal life to resume in northern Samaria, the cancellation of the Disengagement Law must be a top priority for Netanyahu.

IDF blocks parking lot at entrance to Homesh, by Israel National News, December 8, 2022

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