You Have 2 Months! Levin Issues Ultimatum to Netanyahu

Minister of Justice Yariv Levin is demanding that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ensure the immediate passage of at least one law from the judicial reform plan after the approval of the state budget. The government has until May 29 to do so.

Levin also reportedly issued an ultimatum, threatening to resign from the government if he cannot secure passage of at least part of the judicial overhaul package within the next two months. “The moment of decision on the reform is right after the budget is approved. It is preferable to do so with an agreement, but if not, we need to get at least something out of the reform plan. If by the end of the summer session, at least part of the reform does not pass, what do I have to look for in this position?”

Levin is right. Enough said.

Report: Justice Minister threatens to resign if judicial reform bill not passed, by Israel National News, May 14, 2023

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