AFSI’s Helen Freedman Speaks at the Stand United With Israel Demonstration

AFSI Co-Executive Director Helen Freedman spoke to hundreds at today’s Stand United With Israel demonstration outside the French Mission to the UN, protesting the upcoming January 15 Paris “peace” conference. This was her message:

Let me tell you how the Israelis are handling the despicable UNSC 2334, Kerry’s speech, the upcoming Paris Conference and the threatened action in the UN next Tuesday. I just returned from a trip to Israel with Governor Huckabee which was an affirmation of Israel’s rights as a Sovereign nation. We went to the Old City of Jerusalem, to Amona, Maaleh Adumim, Hebron, and Sderot, the so-called “occupied” places that are blamed for the failure of the “peace process”. Concern that declaring sovereignty over Judea and Samaria, and moving the US embassy to Jerusalem would be “burying the prospects of a PA state” is ignorant and meaningless, at the same time that Israel buries its young victims of terror and the PA world celebrates.
The Israelis are understandably counting the days and minutes until the Trump inauguration.
Helen speaking to the crowd
Demonstrators lined up on Second Avenue
opposite the French Consul to the UN
Helen Freedman, Charlie Bernhaut, Glenn Richter, Nachum Segal
Four teens commemorating the four young Israeli soldiers recently murdered by Arab terrorists. The soldiers are:
(Lt.) Yael Yekutiel, 20
(Cadet) Erez Orbach, 20
Shira Tzur, 20
(Cadet) Shir Hajaj, 22
We are no longer silent to the world’s noxious lies

Helen Freedman’s Letter to the NY Post on Undoing UN Resolution 2334

Letters to the Editor
The New York Post
The Post’s Jan. 9 “Fast Take” on “How Trump Can Undo Kerry’s Jerusalem Damage” is right on the money. Eugene Kontorovich lists five ways of negating Security Council Resolution 2334, which condemns Israel for just about everything – and Kerry’s speech which labels Israel the great “occupier.” In order to erase these blights, the Trump administration should follow through on its promises regarding Israel.
First and foremost is the recognition that Israel is not “occupying” its own land, that the communities in Judea and Samaria are legal. The Edmond Levy report is just one legal paper with those findings. The ongoing effort in Israel today is to apply sovereignty to all of Israel so as to put an end to claims of illegal “occupation.”
Despite Kerry’s warning that moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem would inflame the Middle East, giving tacit encouragement to Israel’s enemies, the U.S. embassy should certainly join those of Costa Rica and El Salvador in Israel’s capital city. As Kontorovich suggests, in addition it should be moved to “a few hundred meters over the imaginary line across which the UN says Jews may not go,” thereby straddling eastern and western Jerusalem and tacitly proclaiming that the city is undivided and will remain that way.
Kontorovich makes other excellent suggestions, all of which strengthen Israel and invalidate much of the UN’s venom. My suggestion is that the U.S. remove all funding from the U.N. and encourage it to leave NYC. It would be great to have that beautiful waterfront property returned to New Yorkers.
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