John Kerry was always unsuited for the job

US Senate Resolution 6:
Not perfect but is it the best we can expect for now?

The US Senate will be voting on Resolution S.Res.6, introduced by Senators Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Ben Cardin (D-MD). It reads as follows:
S.Res.6 – A resolution objecting to United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334 and to all efforts that undermine direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians for a secure and peaceful settlement.
Click HERE to read the full text of the resolution.
The Senate resolution, like the House resolution passed last week (H.Res. 11) is not perfect – it makes mention several times of a “two-state solution” which is anathema to Israel’s security and survival. However, the Senate resolution strongly condemns the latest anti-Israel UN Security Council Resolution, states strong US support for Israel, and demands that any agreement between Israel and the “Palestinians” must be reached by bilateral negotiations.
Thus, we commend Senators Rubio and Cardin and the other Senators who support the resolution, while objecting to the resolution’s call for a “two-state solution”.
Please contact and thank your Senators for supporting Israel and condemning UN Resolution 2334. Let them know your objections to the resolution’s call for a two-state solution.
You can find your Senators’ contact information HERE.

John Kerry was always unsuited for the job

Watch Ami Horowitz debunk John Kerry’s “West Bank” claims
Protest the January 15 Paris “Peace” Conference 
and the Anti-Israel UN

Join us Thursday, January 12 at 12:30 PM as we stand UNited with Israel! Stand with us at the French Mission to the UN to send a strong message prior to the Mid-East Summit in Paris being held January 15th — we will NOT allow the UN and her gang of Israel haters to target Israel unjustifiably. 

NO MORE anti-Israel documents or resolutions!
The UN’s attempt to revise and erase Jewish history is deplorable.

We call on the UN to focus on REAL issues such as
Syrian Genocide and Global Islamic Terror
instead of vilifying Israel unjustly. 

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