Americans For A Safe Israel Supports Israeli Democracy, Signs Letter in Support

Americans For A Safe Israel/AFSI responded to the open letter coordinated by Lori Lowenthal Marcus that 300 reform, conservative, reconstructionist and “renewal” Rabbis made public demonizing the new Israeli government.

Proud AFSI signers of this letter are:
Judy Freedman Kadish, Director
Dr. Jonathan Gold, Board of Directors
Helene Fragman Abramson, Advisory Board Member

We are Zionists who believe that when the people of Israel exercise the sovereign right to vote, the result should be respected by all, by non-Jews and Jews throughout the world, and by Jews within Israel.

After years of attacks on Israel’s right to exist voiced from the lofty halls of academia, left-wing social movements, church associations, unions, “human rights” groups and oh-so-many others, now comes a gaggle of American Jewish clergy and leftist Jewish leaders claiming that democracy is threatened by recent choices of Israeli voters who do not mirror their political views.

We Support Israeli Democracy, by Lori Lowenthal Marcus, January 2, 2023


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