Amona Confusion

Amona Eviction Order

As of this writing, the residents of Amona are still waiting for the Supreme Court to decide whether they approve the agreement between the Government and the residents. Last word is, the chances look slim; the army has already blocked the roads to Amona in preparation for the destruction of homes and the expulsion of its residents.

There continues to be confusion, and these questions are still unanswered:
– Can a solution be agreed upon, or will residents of Amona be evicted and their homes destroyed; if so when?
– Can there be a reprieve?
– If there is an eviction, will the government at least abide by its agreement to provide alternate housing to the Amona residents facing eviction?
The following is a recap of the latest events bringing us to where we currently are:
1. Amona residents were given 48 hours to evacuate.
2. The Regulation Law was approved in a final committee vote, and now is ready for its second and third readings, which if it passes, becomes law.
3. The Second and Third readings, which were supposed to occur this week have been postponed by at least a week.
4. There is a petition before the Israeli High Court against the plan to relocate Amona to absentee land; yet, preparations are already in place for a forced evacuation.
Amona must not fall!
Jews cannot expel Jews!
Jewish sovereignty throughout the Land of Israel!

Brouhaha Over Pres. Trump’s Executive Order Barring U.S. Entry

The anti-Trump left wing media, politicians and their adherents have gone wild over the President’s order to ban entry of residents from seven Muslim-majority countries to the U.S. The seven countries are: Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia.
Some have even compared the ban to the barring of Jews from western countries, including the U.S, prior to, and during WWII. The comparison is ridiculous, as is shown in this chart:
Trump’s ban is temporary and not based on religion. The largest Muslim and Arab countries, Indonesia and Egypt respectively, are not included in the ban.
By comparison, consider the following chart showing countries that do not permit entry to holders of Israeli passports, a clear case of discrimination. Six out of the seven counties Donald Trump has banned temporarily do not accept Israeli passports because the holders are Jewish … and they have the NERVE to protest to the US about his ban on their citizens because they are Muslim.
After a contentious and drawn out election process, Donald Trump beat an array of challengers in the primaries and general election to become America’s 45th president. President Trump must be given a chance to govern! Protests and the freedom to dissent are rights granted to us by the Constitution, but the use of threats and violence cannot be tolerated. It is time for all Americans to accept this, and unite behind our newest president.

AFSI is a co-sponsor of  The 4th Sovereignty Conference:
“Sovereignty with Responsibility”
Sponsored by Women In Green and the Forum for Sovereignty
For those who will be in Jerusalem on Sunday, February 12, this conference is a must!
Full Jewish Sovereignty over all of Judea and Samaria is the answer, and this conference is another step in that direction.
Hosted by Women In Green and the Forum For Sovereignty, the speakers are a Whose Who of today’s leaders for full sovereignty
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